Our courses are designed for aspiring deaf and hard-of-hearing artists, technicians and filmmakers.
We have enlisted some of the industry's top deaf and hard-of-hearing talent as instructors. They share their knowledge, skills and tangible experiences working at studios, advertising agencies, and other entertainment and media companies.
Industry guests are invited to answer your questions and offer valuable feedback on your work. Interpreters and transcripts are provided, as necessary. All classes are archived for repeat viewing.
Find your place in the world of creativity.
Image by Jakob Owens

Editing Bootcamp

This is a one of a kind opportunity for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing people who are considering getting into film; need retraining; or just need a refresh. In this six week course you’ll learn how to produce your own film using the latest software used by the industry - Adobe Premier Pro – and will be taught in ASL! With instructor Heather Smith, ‘HSz’, you will learn how to edit video & audio, correct color, add titles, effects, and more. Her project-based approach lends context to each of the tools, allowing you to experience both the technical and creative sides of the editing process. By the end of the course, you’ll have a realistic perspective on the entire post-production workflow—from import to output.

Image by Matthew Kwong

Adobe Portfolio Polish

Animation Portfolio Polish is an ASL-language masterclass designed to prepare experienced animation artists to enter, re-enter, or advance in the animation industry. Provided by by SignLight’s teaching partner, Signing Animation; and led by Signing Animation's Austin Balaich, Animation Portfolio Polish meets weekly for two months to develop compelling demo reel material, exchange peer critique, learn from major studio recruiters, and network as Deaf/HoH animation artists. Come learn what studios are expecting, and how to get the job you deserve in the animation industry! 

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Meet the Pros

Join CJ Jones for this six-session series of one-hour conversations with successful deaf artists in the world of entertainment and media. You’ll meet directors, writers, actors, and designers and learn how they trained, began their careers, and how they continue to prosper in these highly competitive fields. You’ll gain valuable tips about how to market yourself, find an agent, join a union, and negotiate a contract. Find out what life is like on-set and behind-the-scenes and what creative collaboration is all about. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions upon registration and enter questions live in the chat during Q&A. All sessions will be recorded and available for password-protected viewing by participants throughout and one week beyond the duration of the course. Guest speakers will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.