Janis Cole

Janis Cole (Phd.) Culture, Language, Literature & Literacy educator and consultant; Diversity Facilitator, ASL/English CDI interpreter, International Sign interpreter, Creative arts consultant, actor, director and producer and CEO - LesDeux2 Productions. Janis was a faculty member with the ASL/Deaf Studies Department at Gallaudet University and currently, she is an adjunct professor at Gallaudet University and a Phd candidate, Translation/Interpretation (pedagogy/research) at Gallaudet University as well.  She has done work at Boston University with the ASL/Deaf Studies/Deaf Education program. Janis was with National Theatre of the Deaf - The Three Musketeers, on Broadway Children of a Lesser God as well as in Chicago and Buffalo, NY.  Janis has had numerous experiences working as an ASL consultant for various shows. Janis was the co-founder of Hands-on Theatre in NYC in 1980 including several Broadway (The Elephant Man with David Bowie; Annie; The Who’s Tommy; The Pirates of Penzance; Fiddler on the Roof, just to name a few) and Off- Broadway shows; Broadway in Boston, The Huntington Theatre Company; The Wang Center: RENT, The Phantom Opera, Miss Saigon to name a few as well. 

Maleni Chaitoo


Maleni Chaitoo’s professional prowess in the fields of Business, Education and Performing Arts are fueled by her versatile skill set, interests, experiences and passions followed. She has worked in the following industries: fashion, art galleries, film, television, digital marketing/advertising, video relay services as well as education. Maleni has been an educator of American Sign Language (ASL) in public high schools, community college, schools for the deaf, and private institutions. She has also mentored and instructed aspiring sign language interpreters. Her adept creative endeavors include sign language lecture tours in museums of fine arts, and performances in numerous plays, dance productions, TV/films, and commercials. She loves visual storytelling. Her favorite pastimes are reading, outdoor activities, attending cultural events, and traveling.

JD Michaels

Kansas City native, graduate of Yale University, resident of Brooklyn, New York, and proud Ravenclaw. 

26 years of advertising work earned JD Michaels Titanium Lions, Black Pencils, Gold of many shapes (including three ADCOLOR awards) and the AAF MOSAIC award; but his combined positions as EVP Director of Creative Engineering and EVP Director of Diversity for BBDO New York gave him the chance to combine dynamic creativity with active social dignity.

And now, Jd serves as the distinguished-grey half of michaels.adams., a worldwide arts and technology house, where he and Casey Adams head an international collective of creative professionals that combine technology, traditional crafts, fine art, (and often duct tape) to realize innovative art, education, and community service initiatives. Season One of their StoriesAboutUs™ publishing imprint features fiction from the American Disability community, available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Audible. 

Specialties: Management, Engineering, Education, Magic, Production, Design, Orchestral Composition, Communication (Mass and Interpersonal), Live Performance, Realization of the Impossible, Inclusion and Tangible Harmony, and an Actually Quite Delicious Homemade Cauliflower Based Pizza Crust.